Full Access Package



You will have unlimited access to all darbuka teaching online courses over 8 hours of exercises, all-level classes, groove and soloing ideas, top darbuka rhythms and more.


All lessons are led by Hakan Kaya and cover the below topics.

Darbuka Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate Players

  • Introduction and Basic Pattern Exercises
  • Basic 2/4 and 4/4 Rhythms
  • Finger Exercises and Practices for both Beginner and Intermediate Level Players
  • How to Play kick Sound, Rolling and Tremolo
  • The most popular rhythms including Baladi, Maksum, Malfuf, 9/8, Wahte, Çiftetelli
  • Hakan Kaya’s grooves and ornaments selected for intermediate players


Darbuka Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced Players

  • Multiple Pattern Exercises
  • 2/4 Grooves and Ornaments
  • How To Create Groove Solos on 2/4, 4/4 time
  • Rolling Ideas, Tremolo Variations
  • Hakan’s Grooves and Independent Ideas
  • The most popular rhythms including 9/8, Semai, Baladi, Maksum, Indian Rhythms, Malfuf, Wahte, Çiftetelli


Finger Exercises and Daily Practices

  • 4-6-8 Pattern Exercises with Grooves
  • Finger Exercises
  • Slide Exercises
  • How to Play Kick Sound with Exercises
  • Rolling Exercises – 4 Pattern, Single Stroke, Triplets, Long Tremolo
  • 9/8 Groove Exercises
  • Hakan’s Groove Practices and Ideas
  • 8 Different Finger Exercises with Ornaments


Solo Ideas and Exercises

  • 2/4 and 4/4 Solo Ideas
  • Pop Sound Solo Ideas
  • Slide/Closed Playing Solo Ideas
  • Solo Exercises and Ornaments
  • Rolling Exercises for Solo Playing
  • Bonus: 8 Different Finger Exercises with Ornaments


Hakan’s Grooves and Ideas for Improved Playing

  • Hakan’s 2/4 and 4/4 Grooves with Ornaments
  • Hakan’s Groove Ideas
  • Pop Sound Solo Ideas
  • Independent 4/4 Groove
  • 9/8 Groove
  • Slide/Closed Playing
  • The most popular rhythms including 9/8, Maksum, Malfuf, Wahte


Top Darbuka Rhythms

  • Malfuf Rhythm
  • Körfez Rhythm
  • Maksum rhythm
  • Baladi Rhythm
  • Çiftetelli Rhythm
  • Wahte Rhythm
  • Indian Rhythm
  • Semai Rhythm
  • 9/8 Turkish Romani Rhythm
  • Bonus: Hakan Kaya’s 2/4 Groove Idea Ornaments with Notation