Solo Ideas and Exercises

Solo İdea

In darbuka grooves, solo playing gives the utmost pleasure to both player and listener. This 30-min online course is fully focused on solo playing to give you ideas for solo creation along with multiple exercises.

Each move is shown with close up shots and slow motion. This course includes a bonus of 8 different finger exercises with ornaments.

Lessons are led by Hakan Kaya and cover the below topics.

  • 2/4 and 4/4 Solo Ideas
  • Pop Sound Solo Ideas
  • Slide/Closed Playing Solo Ideas
  • Solo Exercises and Ornaments
  • Rolling Exercises for Solo Playing
  • Bonus: 8 Different Finger Exercises with Ornaments

Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons Time: 35 minutes
  • Solo Ideas and Exercises
    • Lecture1.1
    • Lecture1.2
    • Lecture1.3
    • Lecture1.4
    • Lecture1.5
    • Lecture1.6
    • Lecture1.7
    • Lecture1.8
    • Lecture1.9
    • Lecture1.10
    • Lecture1.11

About the Instructor

Admin bar avatar Hakan Kaya

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