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    Hakan KayaHakan Kaya

    • For those who are interested in organic sounds, natural skin clay darbuka is the best option. In clay darbuka head, goat, cow and fish skins are commonly used.
    Solo clay darbuka has high frequency/sharp sounds. In mid-bass clay darbuka both bass and sharp sounds exist. In bass darbuka the sound is dominantly bass and its skin is usually thicker compared to other darbuka sizes.
    • Clay darbuka is tuned with a tuning lamp system having a dimmer. Lamp system gives a fine heat to the skin head and makes the instrument tuned. Dimmer helps to control the level of heat. Too much heat may harm the skin top. In countries with high humidity, tuning lamp system is a life saver.
    • For daily practices, natural skin clay darbuka is useful. You can try different sounds on the instrument and create multiple combinations.
    • The authentic kick sound can be played in a clay darbuka. In the production, mid bass and bass darbukas are burned in lower temperature which gives them the ability to create kick sound perfectly. In mid bass and bass darbuka, the skin diameter is bigger and this provides options for multiple combinations.
    Goat skin is the most preferred skin type in clay darbuka due to its endurance to humidity. Cow skin is more sensitive to humidity compared to goat skin.
    Fish skin is commonly used in solo and mid bass darbukas. In a good quality fish skin clay darbuka, the thickness of the skin is same in all parts of the skin top. This provides a unique sound to the instrument.
    “All-clay practice darbuka” is very suitable for practitioners living in an apartment surrounded with neighbours.
    • Aluminum darbuka is good for creating sharp sounds and suitable for stage performances.

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