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    Since 25-30 years, split hand technique brought a new dimension to the darbuka playing as this technique gives player the ability to play various combinations and fast patterns on a percussion instrument. Mısırlı Ahmet has been the founder of this technique. With this great invention and contribution to darbuka playing, he can be named as the father of split hand technique. In time, younger darbuka players inspired by this unique technique and blended that with their own touches, characters and created their own styles. Turkey, being situated at the crossroads of Middle East, Mediterranean, Balkans and Caucasus, has been influenced by various cultures and ancient traditions. This multi-cultural environment brings color to the music created, and adds nuances to the broad possibilities of combinations created with split hand technique.
    Before split hand technique “fiske darbuka” style has been used in darbuka playing in Turkish classical music. Fewer players continue playing with this technique these days. Majority of new generation Turkish darbuka players prefer split hand technique.
    This technique is commonly applied on clay darbuka, however the sound created with split hand technique is also incredible on a metal darbuka. In this technique index finger and ring finger are used in both hands during playing. In some combinations pinky finger can also be used.

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